Friday, 7 August 2015

                  The lollie world

Once there was a girl called Princess Molly.  She had a father called Jason.She had no mother because she died.

Every time Princess  Molly went to bed to lay down she would get her nightmares straight away.Then she would run to her father and say, “Father I get nightmares. Then Jason  replied, ‘Come and sleep with me.” So they would snuggle up together.
Then  Princess Molly would only get a little bit of nightmare. She said to herself, ‘I’m always going to sleep with my father.”She never slept in her room ever again.

The next day Princess Molly went to school and she knew something good was going to happen.She realised that the king and queen were coming to visit the whole village.She got really happy and excited.She was jumping around and saying yipee yipee. Her father told her to calm down.Then Princess  Molly said, ‘ your right I don’t have to be that excited that the Queen and the King are coming .I know it’s hard to calm down  Princess Molly but then I’m going to try get a mum for you Princess Molly so don’t worry said the father.” But what if you can’t find a mum for me replied princess  Molly.’It’s ok promise when you go school I will find a mum for you ok.” Ok if you don’t find a mum I will have no one to tell me story and father you can't tell stories to me because you are old and you can’t cook that's  why I have to get a mum to cook and read stories to me and i”m telling you please get me a mum I really need a mum to do thing for us so you don’t have to do it.’You're right I should find a mum for you so I will then.So then the next day Princess Molly went to school  then Princess Molly’s father went to find a mum for ppPrincess Molly so he went looking for one then he finally found one because the girl that is going to be the mum for Princess Molly when Princess Molly went home she told her father.’ “Did you get me a mum and her father said ‘yes. So Princess Molly went to look for her then she found her in her room cleaning up so Princess Molly walked over and said hi then her mum replied hello what’s your name in a nice soft voice then Princess Molly said hi my name is Princess Molly what is your’s oh my name said Princess Molly’s mum my name is Tania and my last name is like your one.And that was the end of  Princess Molly and her family.
The end

Feedback:Savelina I like how you tried to use compone words.

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