Friday, 11 March 2016

KWL Working Dogs Chart

What I know
What I want to learn
What I learned
  • Working dogs can save people
  • They are good Police dogs
  • They help Policemen.
  • They are good fire dogs and helping firemen.?
  • They can help Deaf People who can’t see
  • They do what they were supposed to do .
  • They rescue People from fires,blowups, drowning in the water.?
  • Working dogs have good Events and can help people .
  • They Stop people from fighting also if there is a big fight then a Policemen will come with his Police dog
  • They are so brave that they stay at home and look after it .
  • They are very good smellers and can smell anything coming up.
  • What do they eat to get
  • strong?
  • How fast can they run?
  • How long does it take to make a dog a working dog?
  • How long do they stay alive for?
  • What breeds do they use two make working dogs ?
  • How long do they work for?
  • do they save people?
  • How were they made?
  • How long does it take to train working dogs and non-working dogs?
  • How long does it take to make dogs?
  • How much food do dogs have everyday .
  • How many dogs are there?
  • How do they help people.
  • How many working dogs have been trained?
  • They are born with good sense  
  • They are not scared of loud noises
  • They help people and catch bad people .
  • They like to help people when they're blind .
  • Police dogs have great Events and great hearing .

  • They are great at being fire dogs and helping firemen do their job.

  • They have a lot of experiments and know where to go.

  • They stop people from fighting and having a major big fight .?

  • The working dogs are strong and brave and can look after the house even when nobody is home.
  • The are great learners and caring for others .
  • They can save people
They are very good guide dogs and can guard the whole house

This is a KWL completed work that I have done with my group, there was five people in my group. First Mrs Patton showed and example on the chrome cast t.v. Today I have learned so much about Working Dogs.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Science Planning House

Today I did a science Planning House. We had to observe the surface tension of milk. We had to pour milk into a bowl, then we pour 4 drops of food coloring, then pour dish washing liquid in the middle.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Sience Planning House

Today in LS1 We done a experiment about milk.We turd milk into plastic I learnt so much about chemistry.I thought that this experiment was very interesting.  

comparing The wolf's form the there little pigs and little red riding hood.

today i had to retell a story called The Three Little Pigs And Little Red Riding Hood we used lucid chart we done the 2 set venn digram.